Jake Paul claims he will face Tommy Fury in his next match

Jake Paul has applauded the WBC’s decision to assign a world rating to the winner of his contesting with Tommy Fury. The WBC’s decision was surprising because Fury will be the social media star’s first opponent with a boxing history.

If people want to rank me, that’s cool with me. I can’t control it. The World Boxing Council and anything they decide to do are not under my control, Paul told Sky Sports.

In my seventh battle, I’m pushing myself harder than the majority of professional fighters—all professional fighters. Most professional boxers who are in their seventh battle are going up against losers.

In just my sixth bout, I’m facing Tommy Fury, a legendary bloodline fighter who is 8-0. It makes sense to me because I’ve defeated several cruiserweight contenders in sparring. Of course, the purists will always be upset with me.

There is a lot of hype about it, he continued. He is well-known. The world heavyweight champion is his brother. He started doing this when he was ten years old, is a professional boxer, and is roughly the same age and weight. He has the greater reach. have an advantage over me.

Tommy Fury that he will teach Jake Paul boxer head to head

Pushing inexperienced combatants too far, too soon, can be harmful. Paul, however, is unconcerned.

The’moving too fast’ has already passed. This is a rollercoaster ride, and it feels reasonable given how quickly I’m traveling, he said.

In my opinion, this is boxing’s fastest precipitous rise ever. Nobody has ever performed this many pay-per-views thus early. Nobody has ever moved so quickly. Nobody has pushed themselves. Nobody has ever experienced such significant events so early in their career. Ever.

I hope the journey never ends. I take things day by day and try to improve every single day since I love this activity. To develop boxing and have fun on this rollercoaster inside and outside the gym.

Before his bout with Tommy Fury, Paul, who was supported by his social media reputation, faced off against other influencers and athletes without a boxing experience. This strategy challenges accepted boxing reasoning.

Jake Paul and Tommy Fury had to be separated by security after tempers boiled over when they faced off ahead of their fight in February

I believe that Tommy is supported by boxing purists who want him to protect the sport “Paul remarked. Thus, when people are deeply invested in how a conflict turns out, there is a great deal of emotion and high stakes.

In terms of advertising and excitement, this fight is already proving to be the largest to date. Everyone is invested in this fight, including the grandparents, the grandpas, the children, the 20- and 30-year-olds, the boxing purists, and the casual boxers.

Paul does anticipate facing another MMA fighter in his upcoming boxing match. He plans to fight Nate Diaz next following Tommy Fury.

a hundred percent It seems like a huge conflict to me. There is hostility present. Both my team and his team are prepared. We’re conversing, “He disclosed.

Almost everything is prepared to go and queued up. So after finishing Sunday, I’ll go on to Nate Diaz. Fury, though, has pledged to put an end to Paul’s boxing career with this eight-round contest.

The truth will come out, Paul said. “Because to all the chatter and the fact that, in the end, the truth always surfaces in the ring, this fight is referred to as the Truth.

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Jake Paul when announcing his fight with Tommy Fury

There is no denying the truth at the end of the day, which is why I love this sport and the fans love this sport.

Paul, in contrast to Fury, is, of course, forecasting that he will be the one to prevail via knockout. I’ve been waiting for this guy to enter the ring for years and years and years, licking my chops “Paul spoke.

It won’t be a war, in my opinion. Within four rounds, I anticipate putting him to sleep.

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